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Cat Lovers Enjoy Living in Lower Queen Anne for Under 100K

For naysayers who believe you can't find a decent place (read: not in a rat infested, tear down) to live in Lower Queen Anne, what say you to this. Located on the first floor of this 30-unit co-op is a 350 sq. ft. studio to call home. Sure, the downside is that you have no official bedroom or any super secret built-in Murphy beds, but on the flip side, you'll be able to call the Space Needle and the Puget Sound your inanimate neighbors, as both are just a few blocks away. While dog lovers/owners are not welcome, per se, owners of Sir Whiskertons have an open invitation to move right on in. To pay $69,000 for a micro-condo-ish unit sounds extravagant, but factor in its locale and it's considered a steal.

· Listing: 22 John St. #2 [Trulia]

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