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How to watch the 2019 lunar eclipse in Seattle

It’s the only eclipse Seattle will be able to see this year—if the weather behaves

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Womxn’s March and MLK Day

What’s affecting getting around this weekend—and how to ride transit to it (or around it)

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$500 million Microsoft housing investment can help get the ball rolling

Half a billion dollars can set up a lot of infrastructure, but it’s not a replacement for long-term revenue

Looking back on Seattle streetcars and trolleys

We’re building out a new line—the latest in a long history.

Center City Connector streetcar gets the green light—and a much longer timeline

After months on hold, the streetcar project is back on with an updated plan

Cuddle up in this cozy little Pritchard Island cottage

This itty-bitty home is right by the lake

House barge with stunning, airy remodel listed for $375K

The vessel was transformed from a boring, dilapidated barge to a thoughtfully designed home

Bike commutes appear to spike after viaduct closure

At least three common commuter routes had their highest January days ever

When and how is the Alaskan Way Viaduct coming down?

The Alaskan Way Viaduct will be demolished after the tunnel opens. Here’s what we know.

What $2,700 rents in Seattle right now

A two-bedroom house or a two-bed houseboat?

What public transportation is—and isn’t—doing during the Seattle Squeeze

As Seattle heads into a three-week traffic, there are some added transit options—and missed opportunities

The Alaskan Way Viaduct and State Route 99 Tunnel: What we know

The viaduct’s coming down and the tunnel’s opening up

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Viadoom is upon us

What’s blocking up traffic and transit this weekend—and how to navigate around it

WSDOT digs up five-year-old tunnel onramp as opening day approaches

There’s a new onramp to the new tunnel—but it’s been here all along!

Itty-bitty house with a tiny backyard studio listed for $399K

Featuring a not-tiny backyard

Our guide to Seattle’s bike shares

Which bikes (and companies) are in town—and how are they different?

Let’s revisit WSDOT’s terrifying Alaskan Way Viaduct earthquake simulation

It’s almost gone, so let’s take another peek

Free waterfront bus service will run through 2019

The WSDOT-funded shuttles, which run from Pioneer Square to Seattle Center, now have three lines

Jump expands Seattle bike-share service area

After months of permit process, a second bike-share outfit is rolling out.

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14 secret Seattle parks to seek out

Seattle is filled with the undiscovered, or only slightly-discovered. Go find these parks for yourself.

How to have Pacific Northwest winter adventures—safely

Have fun! Don’t die!

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Seattle’s 20 best furniture and home decor stores

Give your pad a local makeover

What $2,019 rents in Seattle right now

What does the new year rent?

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The 23 best things to do in Seattle with kids

From beaches that will make you feel like you’re in California to top-notch theater productions geared towards the younger set, the Emerald City is full of things to do as a family.

Seattle weekend traffic and transit: Early viaduct closures start now

What’s blocking up traffic and transit this weekend—and how to navigate around it

Historic photos show Seattle’s waterfront before the Alaskan Way Viaduct

A peek at a highway-free neighborhood

Seattle’s most popular pet names of 2018

Hello (again), Lucy!

Historic photos show a brand-new Alaskan Way Viaduct

The viaduct wasn’t always old and crumbling

Paul Thiry and Ray Eckmann: Two unusual men behind an unusual building at 45th and the Ave

You might know it as the American Apparel building—or vacant space

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The Seattle filming locations of '10 Things I Hate About You,' mapped

No, there are no sheep

What $1,500 rents in Seattle right now

A townhouse in Northgate or a Capitol Hill one-bedroom?

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21 of Seattle and Puget Sound’s best wedding venues

Whichever tone you want to strike—highfalutin with downtown views, laid back with mountains in the distance, just you two and a judge, or something else entirely—here are some A+ options to consider for your big day.

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Where ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ filmed in the Emerald City

If we're talking about the film that most people identify with our city, there's really only one choice: Sleepless in Seattle.

Endless Views, Countless Amenities, Attainable Prices

Epic river and skyline views with over 100,000 sq ft of amenities.* 1-3 Bedroom Waterfront Condominium Residences from $1.16M.* 20 yr tax abatement anticipated | 252 South Street, New York, NY 10002*

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What $1,200 rents in Seattle right now

So many tiny studios

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21 Seattle arcades, mapped

Because there’s never a bad time to brush up on your Street Fighter

Historic Eitel Building will open as State Hotel in March

The dramatic restoration is nearing completion

Teddy bears among the Fairmont Olympic Hotel’s illustrious guests

The holiday tradition adds whimsy to one of downtown Seattle’s poshest hotels

Safeco Field will glow pink as T-Mobile Park

The Mariners’ home field will carry the new moniker for the next 25 years