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What $1,700 rents in Seattle right now

A Ballard basement or a Magnolia midcentury?

New parks levy proposal aims to repair, add, and complete area trails

A proposal to renew the King County Parks levy includes both basic maintenance and bigger projects

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Where’s my bus? Stop changes and new corridors coming to downtown Seattle

King County Metro is going through some changes

Seattle mayor endorses community preference policies with executive order

The order strengthens a years-long effort to fight displacement

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9 transit-accessible camping trips near Seattle

Does your idea of an outdoor adventure involve transit?

All-door boarding on Third Avenue—and other major downtown transit changes—coming in March

Buses are coming out of the tunnel and stops are shuffling

An architect’s (successful) experiment asks $2.2 million in Roosevelt

Architect-tested, family-approved

Seattle will provide free transit for some low-income residents

The "ORCA Opportunity" plan will be expanded to residents of some low-income housing communities—at least for now

Spacious Forest Service cabin by Mount Rainier asks $530K

This woodsy haven is adjacent to Crystal Mountain

Lakefront glass and steel house wants $4.2M

Each room enjoys a view of Lake Washington thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and smart engineering of the sloping site.

A quick guide to Seattle’s brand-new SR 99 tunnel

When did it open? How does it work?

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24 Seattle arcades, mapped

Because there’s never a bad time to brush up on your Street Fighter

Wood-filled Ralph Anderson home asks $1 million in Queen Anne

This lofted contemporary has layers of views

In Seattle, multifamily living done right

An architect couple creates a home in a newly developed trio of townhouses in Squire Park.

What $1,400 rents in Seattle right now

An energy-efficient studio or a vintage one-bedroom?

Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition officially begins

It started with a chunk of the Columbia Street onramp

Amazon signals slowdown of Seattle growth as it gives up on New York [UPDATE]

The company will grow its satellite offices

Seattle romantic comedies to watch for Valentine’s Day

Singles, Say Anything..., and, of course, Sleepless in Seattle

Sound Hotel Seattle opens in Belltown

The ten-story hotel is part of a boutique line by Hilton

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Where ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ filmed in the Emerald City

If we're talking about the film that most people identify with our city, there's really only one choice: Sleepless in Seattle.

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The Seattle locations of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Seductively mapped

The anatomy of a Seattle punk house

Craftsmans are for punks, too

Moving off campus and into reality

Being denied dorm life means sharing close quarters—but it’s helping me grow up

Bellevue home where Amazon was born listed for $1.5 million

Jeff Bezos’s former home—including its now-famous garage—is on the market.

The Property Housing Iconic Diner Beth’s Cafe Is For Sale

Just the building — not the restaurant itself

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The 23 best things to do in Seattle with kids

From beaches that will make you feel like you’re in California to top-notch theater productions geared towards the younger set, the Emerald City is full of things to do as a family.

Amazon HQ2: NYC deal being reconsidered after fierce opposition

Legislators and grassroots activists have come together to oppose Amazon’s new headquarters in Queens

Vintage brick studio co-op listed for $240K in Capitol Hill

All kinds of 1929 details packed into a tiny package

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11 Seattle works designed by black architects

From ECC to NAAM

3 Michelin Star-Earning SF Chef to Open In Luxury Bellevue Condo Development

Joshua Skenes, known for Saison, is coming to the Seattle area

Turreted Tudor Revival estate listed for $2.18 million

With half-timber and water views

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Washington State’s bummer place names, mapped

As much as we love it here, we all know it can be dreary sometimes in the Pacific Northwest—and as it turns out, many of our towns and geographical features have names to match.

Additional downtown Seattle shelter beds open for the cold weather

The city and county added some extra capacity as temperatures drop below freezing

Endless Views, Countless Amenities, Attainable Prices

Epic river and skyline views with over 100,000 sq ft of amenities.* 1-3 Bedroom Waterfront Condominium Residences from $1.16M.* 20 yr tax abatement anticipated | 252 South Street, New York, NY 10002*

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The last days of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

With final drives, walks, and rides, Seattleites sent off the aging highway.

Pristine Paul Hayden Kirk midcentury modern home asks $550K

Located in Kent, this home lets trees become the walls

Stained-glass-filled floating home listed for $865K

A two-tier roof deck adds more than 600 square feet

What $2,000 rents in Seattle right now

A First Hill loft or a Sand Point triplex?

The many hues of that triangular building on East Olive Way

Ivey Studio is known for hosting bars with bold paint jobs, but its history is much longer