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Curbed Cuts

SAND POINT -- We usually let it slide when listings are somewhat over-romanticized. Everyone has a right to some degree of literary license, right, rustic fixer-uppers? That is, until you start referring to spaces like kitchens as "sumptuous." The jury's still out, but we suppose that if you're going to dish out the $1.2 million to live in this swanky 2,660 sq. ft. Sand Point residence, you can call your place of home cooking whatever you want.

CAPITOL HILL -- We toured The Sanctuary on Wednesday, Jan 25 and let us tell you, the real estate religion they're proffering has us wanting to convert. Immediately. With fabulous views of the Seattle skyline, massive stained-glass windows, Corinthian columns, and at least 1,600 sq. ft. (to more than 3,500 sq. ft) to play (and pray) in, it's hard to say "no" to The Sanctuary. The converted church goes up on the market on Sunday, blessed Sunday, Jan. 29.

ON THE INTERWEBS -- Who doesn't like a little real estate man candy from time to time? Okay, so the 2012 "Men of Redfin I.T." Calendar doesn't have 12 pictures of hot brokers, but it does spot some hunk-a-licious photos of the best looking techies Redfin has to offer. Enjoy snacking on these, Seattle.