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Test for Lena

Did you guys hear? Street of Dreams has been canceled! Or at least put on indefinite hiatus. Apparently the real estate scene is kind of finicky and people aren't sure they want to spend inordinate amounts of money on houses these days. Go figure!

Whatever, dudes. We like a good tour du prettiness, so we've put together our very own Street O' Dreams right here. Read on for some very lovely spots you might want to check out if you're in the market for unabated priciness.

First up: this lovely spot on Highland Drive. It was built in 2006, it's over 7,000 sq. ft. in size, and it's got 6 bedrooms and 7.25 baths. Jeez, right?! There's more, though. This Queen Anne behemoth also boasts a killer kitchen (complete with crazy marblework), views of Elliott Bay, and a rooftop hot tub and deck (with a television and a fireplace). Can you say "best place to throw a party ever?" We can. It's gonna cost you $3,950,000.

· Listing: 602 West Highland Drive [Estately]

Next up, a 5,074 sq. ft. four-bed in Mercer Island with 200 feet of waterfront, 90 feet of dock, and over an acre of land. (Compensating much?) It's got a deck with a wet bar, a wine cellar, a media room, and a pedigree, too -- this guy was built in 1937. The price tag: an easy-to-manage $4,485,000.

· Listing: 3835 West Mercer Way [Estately]

And would a faux S.O.D. be complete without a trip to Bellevue? Of course not. Enter this 5,262 sq. ft. 5-bed. It's brand new, has 4.5 baths and room for three cars, a deck, lots of marble in the kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, an obscene master bath, a wet bar, and a hefty price tag. Total cost: $2,997,000. Yowza!

· Listing: 9833 NE 15th Street [Estately]