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Brokers: Want To Sell A Fire Station Or Two?

The city is finally getting around to selling Fire Stations 37 and 38 (and it's been awhile since they first started talking about it), but they're having the same problem house sellers come upon fairly regularly: they can't find a broker they like. The stations are in need of some marketing exposure if they're going to become anything even vaguely cool (people have expressed interest in turning them into art studios or cafes). They've encouraged interested brokers to contact them if they're up for the job.

The stats on the stations: #37 is 5,360 sq. ft., built in a Mission Revival Style (read: lots of stucco), and has space for parking six cars. (Since, you know, they used to have fire engines there.) It was designated a Historic Landmark back in 2007. Its estimated value is $280,000. #38 is 2,568 sq. ft. and also built in a Mission Revival style, and it's estimated to be worth around $850,000.

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