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Get Holy On Lopez Island For Under $500k

Feel a need to repent, but never quite up for getting to an actual church? Let us solve your problem for you. This 1-bed (which technically has room for about a zillion beds) is a former church, and what a church it was. It's got RV parking, views, a hot tub, a patio, a fancy garden, a wood stove, and access to a trail and community beach. Seriously, what better place to stage a spiritual awakening? It's 1,600 sq. ft. and includes all the amenities you'd expect from a church (read: lots of rooms that look like the one your parish youth group met in back in the 70s), but think of all the holiness you'll soak up! The price: $479,000. · Listing: 399 Shoreland Drive, Lopez Island [CB Bain]