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Live At The Cristalla For Under $9k A Month

Got around $9,000 a month to spend on a 3-bed? Want to live in Belltown-ish Downtown? Think the name "Cristalla" is fancy, not sort of tool-y? Able to wait till December? Well, we've got a rental for you! Behold, this, well, 3-bed at The Cristalla for $8,750 a month. It's on the 21st floor, has 3,393 sq. ft. going for it, and has 3.5 baths and two gas fireplaces. Seriously, if you're going to rent, this is something to look at. You know, if you don't want to actually buy a house for $9k a month or something. · Listing: 2033 2nd Avenue [Hotpads]