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A Rental in Medina? Is That Even Allowed?

Few neighborhoods in the country are as storied as Medina, where Bill Gates' monstrously famous (and monstrously, well, expensive) house is and where tons of Microsoft millionaires and Eastsiders hunker down to stay away from the common folk. Have you checked this place out, recently? There are cameras on every corner! They can see when someone drives in and drives out! It's just crazy! Big Brother tendencies aside, it's somewhere we know 99% of us aspire to live just to say we're in Medina. Lucky you! This 4,618 sq. ft. 4-bed is up for rent right smack dab in the neighborhood! There are all the standard luxuries you'd expect (a bangin' kitchen, master suite, etc.) but check this out: if you sleep in the master, you also have a gym attached to your bedroom. A blessing or a curse that leaves you with no excuses? We won't judge. The price tag: a mere $9,700 per month. Worth saying you live in Medina and chatted with Bill when you went to get the paper this morning? Possibly. · Rental Listing: 78th Place NE, Medina [Postlets]
· City of Medina