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Get Enlightened in Rainier for $525,000

Heard of Ramtha? No? Heard of JZ Night? Probably not? Well neither had we, until we stumbled upon this crazy listing out in Rainier, Washington. We won't begin to explain the foundations of the faith, but we'll leave it at saying that there's a lot of talk of channeling energy. When followers move out to Rainier to visit JZ Night (through whom the teachings of Ramtha are apparently channeled), they build crazy houses that optimize all that energy channeling stuff. Eventually, though, they start to bail and sell their crazy homes, which is why we have this guy on the market. A 3,800 sq. ft. 4-bed, it's got three fireplaces, a master bedroom, domed ceilings, and a guest house, and the listing says it's perfect for someone who wants to live a "sovereign lifestyle." Don't let them fool you, though. We all know this is really just a Harry Potter filming location waiting to happen. The price if you want to snatch it up: $525,000.
· Listing: 12625 160th Lane East, Rainier [CB Bain]