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Pricechopper: CASTLE EDITION!

Hey, we love a good castle! And the only thing we love more is a good price chopping session! That's why this listing is a bitchin' way to kick of Monday, we think. On the inside it's all modern and angle-y and stark colors and shiny hardwoods and whatever. From the outside, though, it's got decks. And stucco. And oh, did we mention the turret? Kind of a major component, we guess. Built in 1996, this 5-bed has 4,080 sq. ft. going for it as well as stainless steel appliances, lots of updates, blah blah blah. It was listed in May of 2010 for just shy of $900k, but after, well, not selling for over a year, the price is now chopped quite a bit. Also, the listing fails to acknowledge that this sucker is a flippin' castle. It's a CASTLE. Seriously? What was the first thing you noticed? Because if it's not the whole castle thing, you're nuts. The price tag: $830,000. · Listing: 1721 33rd Avenue [Redfin]