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Look At The Lake in Madrona

Here's something slightly less old-school looking than a turret but still kind of gorgeous. It's a 3-bed colonial in Madrona with a view of the lake, 2,220 sq. ft., and lots of pretty fireplaces and hardwoods and the like. If it's some wisdom you're looking for, it's here too: this sucker's 92 years old, so you know it's seen some things. There have obviously been fairly legit updates to it over the years (since, you know, pipes and wiring from 1919 aren't likely to be so great anymore), and there are three decks where you can check out the lake without having to deal with your pesky housemates/family members. The price tag for some legit prettiness: $815,000. · Listing: 1715 37th Avenue [Findwell]