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Love Both Hula And Elk? Buy. This. House.

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To quote the tipster who let us know about this lovely gem, "This listing claims to be a mid-century modern, which apparently equals taxidermy and a love of Hawaiian wall decals." Well duh, tipster! What did you think mid-century modern meant? In any case, this house in Bryan/Othello/Neighborhood-to-be-named-later is a 2,120 sq. ft. 3-bed that's perfect for the deer-huntin' surf enthusiast in your life. (What, you don't have many of those?) It's got a fireplace, granite countertops, a deck, and French doors, so it's fairly pretty in general. What's really great: we bet if you tell them they don't have to take down the wall decals, they'll throw in all the deer heads for you. Score! (To be perfectly serious, though, that closet -- we want to go to there.) The price: $419,000. · Listing: 6221 35th Avenue NE [Estately]