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You Want To Live Near The Grey's Anatomy House? Seriously? (Seriously.)

Seriously, you aren't Meredith Grey. You didn't happen to inherit a totally gorgeous house from your evil surgeon mother, fill said house with your intern friends and hot surgeon husband, and still somehow find a way to take 99 to work when both your house and your place of employment are on Queen Anne. That doesn't mean you can't live near all the soapy madness, though, because this massive 5-bed is literally just down the street. Besides pushing 10,000 sq. ft., it's got a ridiculous foyer, crazy city views, a pool, and seven fireplaces. Oh, and you might catch a glimpse of Patrick Dempsey every now and then. Awesome, right? It's all yours for $4.95 million. · Listing: 421 West Highland Drive [Estately]