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Quit Fronting And Show Off That You've Got Cash to Burn in Magnolia -- In A Rental!

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It's that time again! Yup, you heard us -- it's the first week of the month, which means today you're either sweating your rent, glad you paid it already, or, well, sitting in a house you own and not fretting in the slightest. If you happen to be seeking a new place to call home and aren't down to buy, though, boy, do we have a swanky pad for you. First of all, the stats. It's got 5 beds, 7 baths, and 5,700 sq. ft. going for it, and it's in Magnolia. The views are, for lack of a better word, fairly bitchin'. You won't really care about that when you hear about the swag you get access to just for living there. Wine cellar? Check. Rooftop deck, complete with wet bar? Uh, yeah. Kind of kickass master bathroom? Yup, that too. Also, a pool! A sitting room! Lots and lots of fireplaces! Bosch and Viking appliances! A two-car garage! And it's near bus lines! (Right, like you need a bus if you live here. What we really want to know is if there's room for your stretch Hummer.) The price for living in such a place: $9,500 a month, with a $9,000 deposit to move in. Ballin' ain't free, guys.

· Rental Listing: 2480 Crestmont Place