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West Elm Opens Tomorrow and Parties Tonight

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That's right, ladies and gents -- the storied day is finally here. West Elm opens tomorrow morning on South Lake Union at 2201 Westlake Avenue. We toured the place this morning and we have to say, yowza. Be prepared for owls, saris, monogramming, block printing, and all kinds of craziness that basically makes you want to blow a paycheck on the spot. Oh, and ceramic pig speakers that you can get monogrammed. Sure, we're totally drinking the Koolaid, but we won't apologize. It's pretty awesome.

In even more awesome form, they're throwing a shindig to celebrate. Everything's 10% off and 10% of all the sales are going toward scholarships at Cornish College of the Arts, which is practically their next-door neighbor. Word on the street is that the guest list twice as long as anticipated, so get there early and shop like it's Missoni for Target if you want to get your paws on something specific. (There's a particularly great assortment of gift-y things, many of which send 50% of their proceeds to charity.)

We'll have a full recap tomorrow of any and all craziness that goes down, along with lovely photographs of the interior (as if you didn't need another reason to take a long lunch tomorrow and check it out). Got more West Elm gossip that desperately needs posting? Hit us up at

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West Elm

2201 Westlake Ave., Seattle, WA 98121