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West Elm Opens And We Have Pictures

[Photos by S. Pratt]

That's right, ladies and gents -- West Elm is finally open in Seattle. We attended the opening shindig last night and, first of all, it was ridiculously busy. Mostly because people were buying things. Second, West Elm throws a pretty good party for a first-of-its-kind furniture store in Seattle. Third, the mid-range decor category of retail establishments draws a very attractive crowd in for a party. All in all, we're impressed. For a full tour (considering the sucker opened, like, two minutes ago) and an idea of what to expect when you show up, peruse the gallery above. It opened at 10 today. Just in case you need more incentive, dining and kitchen stuff is all 15% off right now. A new store with stuff on sale is kind of a rare thing, so consider this your excuse to take a long lunch and head to Westlake Avenue. You're welcome.

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West Elm

2201 Westlake Ave., Seattle, WA 98121