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Have a Little History With Your Claw Foot Tub

Want to live in a house so old it used to have a different address? Like, because it was before the streets were numbered? Relax, it's actually way cooler than we just made it out to be. The Nelson House, a 3-bed in Fremont, was built in 1888 in the Italianate style, and it's on the market now. Coming in at 3,000 sq. ft., it's got all the hardwoods, bay windows, fancy formal entryways, and renovated fanciness (read: stainless steel appliances) you'd expect from something pretty big and pretty old. What's kind of obscenely cool, though, is all the historical stuff it has going for it. The Department of Neighborhoods designated it a Historical Site (note the amusing black and white picture with a car in it at the bottom of the page, circa 2004). We've also thrown in some of the old-school photos that don't include modern sedans, and the geeks in us sort of squealed. The price for all this history: $549,000. (As for that different address, it used to be 911 Kilbourne Street. In 1918 the city figured out that numbered streets make a little more sense, so they shifted. But it's a good ice-breaker!)

· Listing: 911 North 36th Street [Seattle Dream Homes]