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Your Boots Were Made For Walkin' In The Denny Triangle

Full disclosure: we like public transportation. We know, we know! It's impossible to get from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill on the bus! Lines stop running way too early! It takes forever to get places! But still, we're fans. You know what we like more? Walking! That's why this condo in the Denny Triangle caught our eye -- it got a perfect 100 walkscore on Estately, and it's kind of pretty. It's a 2-bed, it's 1,151 sq. ft., it's got two parking spaces, and it's not lying when it says it's a penthouse -- this sucker's really on floor 15 of 15. The price tag on all that pretty: a full $749,900. But hey, at least you don't need to buy a car now, right? · Listing: 910 Lenora Street Unit S1502 [Estately]