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Seattle's Worst Rental Horror Story #1

After a week of debate, we've combed through the submissions to get these two rental horror stories. Read each now before voting starts at noon -- polls close tomorrow morning at 9 am, so we highly recommend getting a move on.

First up, courtesy of Chase -- the most incriminating made bed of all time.

"I had a roommate while living in LA that worked in the entertainment industry. In addition to doing the usual annoying roommate things (coming home late and loud, leaving messes, playing bad music loudly, etc.) he had a habit of using my bed for his random hook ups when I wasn't there. He'd bring them home and do their thing in my bed then he'd let them leave and go to his bed. Never changed the sheets or apologized. The worst was when he did this with a flock of foreign flight attendants. A small orgy took place and I would have never known except that the bed was made, and I had left it unmade. Gross!"