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The Karen And Ellen Letters: Renters, Landlords, And Drama

Landlord/tenant agreements are typically prickly and sometimes even disastrous (see: the story about the rats), but apparently they're also chock full of ridiculousness that's just begging to be turned into a blog.

Case in point: The Karen and Ellen Letters, a blog started just a week ago that's already seen a few thousand hits. The story: two roommates move from the Seattle area to Oakland. They then proceed to torture their landlord with ridiculous requests, all sent via the postal service. The anonymous blogmaster reports that he or she received the pile of letters as a 24th birthday gift, decided they were too excellent to keep to her/himself, and decided to post them for the world to see on Tumblr. Clearly their painstaking transcription was well worth it, because these are priceless.

Some choice entries:

Who's required to pay for landlord/tenant expenses? Like... torn jeans?

Some simple rent calculations.

Decorating on a budget!

Rent control makes things dicey.

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