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Seattle's Priciest Rentals: The Three-Bed in Belltown

To fete the end of Renters Week 2011, we'll be covering the MLS's five most expensive rentals in the Seattle area.

Fourth on the list: a 3-bed in Belltown on the 21st floor of the Cristalla Building. Fancy! It's got 3.5 bathrooms and over 3,000 sq. ft. of space to work with too, which is kind of snazzy for a condo. You also get a private balcony, a killer kitchen, and access to all of Cristalla's amenities like a private movie theater and a hot tub and a fitness center and a rooftop terrace. The price tag on all this opulence: $8,750 a month.

· Rental Listing: 2033 2nd Ave #2111 [MLS]