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What You Get for: $2000 in Queen Anne

Welcome to Curbed Seattle's newest feature, where we pick a place, pick a price, and show you what you can get. This week, we figure out what kind of 2-bedroom apartment goes up for rent in Queen Anne for $2,000. Everybody likes Queen Anne (don't lie, you know it's true), so this 2-bed for $2k is kind of a sweet deal. You get all the fancy dishwasher/laundry things you want in a rental, a rooftop deck, and access to a parking garage. It's on the sixth floor, it's got a patio, and it's 1,050 sq. ft. You also get decent views of the Post-Intelligencer's globe (which isn't going to be up for much longer, but hey, take it while you can get it). And it was available, like, yesterday! For $2,000, this doesn't totally suck. Find a friend who's also making a decent salary, likes to look at landmarks that soon won't exist, and enjoys Queen Anne, and you're in business.

· Rental Listing: 215 1st Avenue West [Metro on First]