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Get Cocky in Ballard

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Outdoor decor! So often neglected in listing photos, and unfairly so! Good thing this house doesn't pull any punches when it comes to advertising what it's got going for it. Sure, it's in Ballard, it's a 2-bedroom Cape Cod, it's got 3,000 sq. ft. and a detached workshop in the back, and it's kind of cozy and comfy (but not in the euphemistic really-super-small way), but the kicker is certainly the rooster. Yes, that is a rooster in the backyard, it's ten feet tall, and it's quite a looker. No word on whether it goes with the owners or stays with the house, but we bet you could talk them into leaving it behind. The price of being a little cocky, in the literal sense of the word: $350,000. · Listing: 6753 7th Avenue NW [Estately]