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Winter Weather? Excuse Us?

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The Seattle Times reports that Accuweather says we're going to get a flippin' ton of snow this year. In February. And March. To that we say: 1) please God no 2) wait, you can predict things that far in advance?

Apparently! Accuweather's Western United States expert (they have those?) says that "although overall precipitation during that period may not be above normal, more of it is expected to fall as snow, as frigid conditions spread from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains." And you thought the Seattle Freeze wasn't a real thing!

Because this obviously means the apocalypse/winter is coming, The Seattle Times is hosting a livechat tomorrow morning with their weather experts to calm everyone down. Ask them your questions (they'd like you to email in advance) so you can prepare for the inevitable Day After Tomorrow situation we'll all be facing in February, and start hitting on people now so you can adequately plot a strategic snow-in (don't pretend you don't know what we're talking about).

More importantly, though, we'd like to hear your tips for the different snowy neighborhoods of Seattle. They shut down basically all of Queen Anne when the ice gets bad, and you know going up and down pretty much any street Downtown is a stupid idea. Send us your tips and tricks for surviving when the roads are, well, impassable and we'll post them in our round-up of wise winter advice. The tipline is open:

· Are you ready for winter? [Seattle Times]