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Where Do Seattleites Come From, And Where Are We Going?

Trulia released a report today on where residents of major metropolitan areas move to when they want to skip town, and it turns out Seattle's totally one of them. In fact, there's kind of a ton of cool statistics about what kind of people end up moving here. The top three cities in their list of towns our people come from are totally gimmes, but numbers four and five are kind of interesting! The top five cities from which people move to Seattle:
1. Bremerton/Silverdale (Duh)
2. Portland (Duh again)
3.Tacoma (Yawn)
4. Los Angeles (Oh really?)
5. New York (Oh really???)

Hear that, L.A. and New York? We're so desirable!

That wasn't everything, though. Trulia also let us know where Seattleites end up moving when the ton of rain and the social unacceptability of umbrellas starts to get to them and they just need out.

The top five cities we move to when we're dunzo:
1. Phoenix (It rains like negative inches there, so we guess this makes sense. Whatever.)
2. Los Angeles (Traitors.)
3. New York (Yeah, well.)
4. Tacoma (Misguided decision, Seattleites.)
5. Chicago (What, snow is better than rain now?)

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