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To Fete Twilight, Here Are Four Places To Live in Forks

Guess what tonight is! (No, not Grey's Anatomy night. It's on winter hiatus, silly.) Now guess again! Yes, you're right, it's the night tweens have been waiting for since before they can remember: tonight, dear readers, marks the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1. That's the second to last Twilight movie, guys! It's super important!

Now you might ask us what makes this movie so special. We're not totally sure, but we hear Edward and Bella finally consummate their crazy vampire/human relationship and Bella has a baby that eats her from the inside out. (Sensationalist summary? Possibly!) Whatever. What's really important is how crazy busy Forks is gonna be in the next few months! Swarms of tourists will flock to the coast hoping to spot some werewolves and other beasties! Get ready for a brief spike in property values, Forks dwellers!

Lucky for you, we're on top of it. If you're plotting a move to Vampire Country sometime in the next few months, you really need to do it soon because flocks of voracious teenagers are about to descend on the Pacific coast, guys. That's why we've put together four places to call home near Forks that are totally worth checking out. We know, we're the best. Just bring some garlic and silver bullets and you'll be able to ward off vampires and werewolves alike.

Four bedrooms (sort-of)! Very rustic! Near the high school (where you can meet vampires, obviously)! What's not to love? It's only, like, $99,000!

· Listing: Four bedroom home in Forks [Craigslist]

Okay, this one's a manufactured home, but it also costs the price of a nice-ish car. It looks a little trailery, but don't Jacob's wolf pack friends live in a trailer? So it's totally okay. The floors are actually kind of nice looking, and it's got three bedrooms! All for $37,500! Do it, werewolves.

· Listing: 2610 Calawah Way [Craigslist]

Okay, this isn't a home. It's a spot to park a home. But still, cheap! For $200 a month, you get a big ol' spot to park your mobile home. This is good if you're, say, a vampire hunter, or a bad vampire who needs to be on the move all the time. There's also a promise of 6 months' free rent! Wow.

· Listing: Huge Mobile Home Spaces [Craigslist]

More into starting from scratch? Wanna build a place that looks like, say, the Cullen household? (You know you do, haters.) Good thing a stretch of beach on Highway 101 is up for grabs! Put something like that fancy forest house on it and you're totally ballin'. The price tag: $500,000 for 1.8 acres. Of ocean.

· Listing: 153573 Coastal Hwy 101 Lot 1 Kalaloch S. [Craigslist]