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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of November 14th-18th

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It's been awhile, Curbed readers! Did you miss us? No? Well we missed you, so here's a super new edition of Viaduct Watch!
Viaduct status: Present and accounted for.
Recent earthquakes: Lots of mini ones near Monroe. Perhaps the town is excited for the new Marilyn movie?
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: No lane closures are currently scheduled for next week. Wait, really?

Here's the dealio:

· Eeeeeveryone is talking about real estate development near the Viaduct. [STB]
· No, really, everyone. [urbnlivn]
· Airport Way construction is going to start soonish. [BHB]
· So what kind of waterfront do we really want, anyway? [ST]
· Wait, the Viaduct closure is leading to new parking spots? Why didn't we do this years ago!? [P-I]