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Live Marketside For A Cool $3.5m

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Anyone who actually lives in Seattle knows there are two Starbucks locations in the Market: that one you have to take all your out-of-town friends to because they want souvenirs, and the one the locals visit when they want coffee before they brave the crowds. If the latter is part of your routine, take note! You can live, like, right above it! (Okay, 37 floors above it, but still!) The posh 1521 2nd Avenue building likes to brag about its Pike Place location, but it really is legitimately in the middle of things. This 2-bed has 2,260 sq. ft. going for it, along with a 24-hour concierge, access to the wine cellar and rooftop deck, and parking. (Come on, you know how crappy parking is near Pike Place. It's hellish.) The going rate for a place like this: an easy-to-scrounge-up $3,500,000. It's a small price to pay for what's been dubbed "the Hope Diamond of penthouses" (by, um, the agents). · Listing: 1521 2nd Avenue, Unit 3701 [Estately]