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Live at Trace Lofts for Under $400k

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It appears that you actually can live in one of those swanky condos at Trace Lofts, because this 1-bed on the fourth floor just hit the market. Coming in at 795 sq. ft., it's got all the old-timey good looks you'd expect out of a repurposed warehouse (including reclaimed Douglas Fir floors -- how Northwest and eco-friendly of you). It's also on the corner of Madison and 12th Avenue, so you'll never have to try to find parking before a night out on Capitol Hill again! The price tag for some hipster cred and an easy walk to Tavern Law? A mere $385,000. · Listing: 1408 12th Ave #405 [Redfin]

Trace Lofts

1408 12th Ave, Seattle, WA