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Catch a Condo For Under $170k

It must seem like our sole purpose in life here at Curbed Seattle is to take advantage of starving UW students by encouraging you to buy condos and houses in the U-District and then charge them exorbitant amounts of rent to live in them. You'd only be halfway correct, though -- we actually have several purposes in life (including determining which is the most efficient bus route from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill and figuring out where the Mariners live), but renting to students is definitely one of them. That's why this condo on NE 43rd Street has us all flustered -- it's a 652 sq. ft. 1-bed, it's got newish appliances and high ceilings, and it's cheap. How cheap? $169,000! For that price, maybe you should just forget the renting thing and live there yourself! It's within walking distance of Portage Bay Cafe, after all, and you know what the lines are like there on a Sunday. · Listing: 905 NE 43rd Street #108 [Redfin]