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No, Mr. Bond. I Expect you to BUY!

A tipster sent along this lovely condo in West Seattle -- it's on Alki, was built in 1968, and totally looks like it, too. Check out the decor, guys! It's all bubbly and 60s and looks like a James Bond villain lives there! And here's the good part: its all the owners' furniture! We totally love it when a house looks staged, actually isn't, and still has some personality, and this one is definitely (for lack of a better word) fairly groovy. Plainly put, we dig it. Also, The Shoreline Act made it so you can't actually build another condo like this, so hey! Hot commodity! It's a 1,080 sq. ft. 2-bed on Alki that sits over the water (so you can fish out of your window like the Beatles) and the view is appropriately bitchin'. The price tag: $440,000. · Listing: 3717 Beach Drive SW #101 [Seattle Dream Homes]