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The Best Of Seattle's Airbnb

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Thanksgiving is approaching, and you have to stash a whole ton of relatives and people and friends and random human who want to eat your food somewhere in the vicinity of your domicile. Instead of putting them up in a hotel, we highly recommend you investigate Airbnb to rent out actual people's houses. Sketchy? No! Actually not! And usually, sort of cheap and not at all shady!

Along with the rest of the Curbed Networks, we're bringing you the best of Airbnb today so you'll know what's what. Below, three bangin' places available from Wednesday to Sunday the week of Thanksgiving. You're welcome.

[All photos from Airbnb]

Want to convince your relatives you're totally loaded over the holidays? Well rent this sucker. It's on the waterfront, accommodates 16, has a bitchin' kitchen, and will make you look like the secretly rich family in Home Alone when you all gather 'round the table in two weeks. (Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi!) It's only $2,500 a night. Yeah, only.

The family thing not your schtick? Rather dine with your fancy friends than hang out with the other cousins at the kids table? Try this spot on Capitol Hill. It's an 1,100 sq. ft. penthouse loft and it sleeps three, but for $50 extra a person you can squeeze in a few more. If you guys drink enough swanky champagne at Thanksgiving, you won't even be that cold when you drunkenly wander out onto the private rooftop deck after dinner! Hey, for $450 a night, it ain't bad.

But maybe the whole big gathering thing just isn't your scene at all. In that case, we suggest blowing the whole thing off with your best bud and/or significant other, escaping the crazy relative thing, and heading to a guest house in Gig Harbor. This one, to be more precise. It sleeps six, has a covered deck, all the kitchen appliances you'll need to make a mini-sized turkey, and is just $200 a night. Sign us up -- we're in.