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A Very Special Under 2 Tuesday: Renters Week Edition

Thought you were gonna miss out on Under 2 Tuesday just because it's Renters Week? Nice try, readers. We've just changed the stakes a touch, because today we're showing you a bangin' apartment that's under $2,000 a month and available, like, now. We know, we're the best. If you're willing to drop kind of a ton of money on a one-bedroom, this is a good place to go. Not so willing? You can totally get a month for free if you win our rental horror story contest! Bam. Here's a swanky apartment complex we will only endorse for those with $2k to blow every month on a living space. You know Harbor Steps? No? Well it's pretty, that's all we have to say. It's right next to the market, it's got some... steps... next to the harbor, it's got bangin' water views, and if you tell someone you live there they'll know you're kind of loaded. Get this: studios start at like $1,200! If you want a one-bed, you're looking at, like, at least $1,450 a month. You want a view of the water with that? Well, then you're probably not talking under $2k anymore, so we won't discuss it. In any case, The amenities include stuff like a heated pool and a concierge and all that jazz. The unit we think you should snatch up, because it just barely slides under our price limit: #2303, a one-bed that's waaaaay up there, actually has views of the water, and is 775 sq. ft. You can have it in early December, and it's $1,952 a month. Yowza.

· Rental listing: Harbor Steps, 1221 First Avenue