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Here Are 3 Rentals Where Amanda Knox Should Be Living

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Amanda Knox is apparently renting an apartment in Chinatown with her new beau for just under $1,000 a month. Yeah, okay. We have a few things to say about that.

1) Chinatown? No. Try the International District. We're PC here in Seattle, and it's not just the Chinese hanging out in the ID, thank you.
2) $1k a month for an "nondescript brick building with a gaudy red flashing ‘Hong Kong’ neon sign outside?" Forget the whole murder conviction thing; now this girl's really getting robbed (We've now reached our insensitive Amanda Knox joke quotient for the day.)
3) Rundown? The International District? Well, okay, yes, they might be on track there. Still, you don't get to rag on our city! Only we can rag on our city!

In any case, Foxy Knoxy, international celebrity that she is, really ought to be living somewhere a little more posh than the International District. (She did come from West Seattle, after all.) Because we're so obscenely helpful here at Curbed Seattle HQ, we've assembled a list of amazing apartments available for under $1k a month. You're welcome, Amanda.

So your boyfriend lives in the International District. Whatever, it's cool! He's a musician and goes to UW, he's probably into that whole vaguely sketchy thing! And you can totally live really close to him without being in the actual International District, too! We're gonna go ahead and recommend the Legacy at Pratt Park. It's on Jackson Avenue, a 1-bed can be had for $1,000, and you can even have a balcony! Seriously, Amanda. Upgrade central.

Wanna move uptown just a touch? Awesome, we think that's great. Balfour Place is in the Denny Triangle and has a(n admittedly tiny) one-bedroom available, like, now for under $970! Sure, sucker's only like 540 sq. ft., but you did sort of just spend four years in a prison for a crime for which you were later acquitted. (Sorry about that, by the way.) Anything's an upgrade, right? Also, it's very close to Capitol Hill. We bet your guitar-strumming boyfriend will totally appreciate that.

If it's convenience you're seeking, look no further. We hear you're planning on starting up your studies again, and that's great! What better excuse to live super close to the University of Washington, right? The Penelope Ann has 1-beds available for the shockingly cheap price of $850/month, and it's blocks away from campus. It's also kind of typical and normal looking, as far as student apartments go, and we all know you're kind of seeking to blend in with the crowd these days. Go for it.