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Holiday Vacation Rentals -- Wanna Get Away?

You know what's super expensive over the holidays? Hotels! (And, um, everything else, but bear with us.) The only time everyone in the family can go on vacation is when it's most expensive! Bummer, right?

Eh, not if you can swing a great rental anyway. Christmas trees and neighborhood carolers aside, it's kind of nice getting away during the break. That's why we've assembled a list of vacation rentals around Washington (and one in Oregon) that look like pretty decent gets for the coming weeks. Sure, they're not the Four Seasons, but they'll do the trick (and feel a lot cozier than a hotel room on Christmas morning). Who knows, maybe they'll even set up a Menorah or Christmas tree when you get there! It's worth a shot.

If you want to delight the pre-teen girls in your family: head to Forks. We know, we know, we know. You don't wanna. Yeah, we get it. Twilight's lame, whatever. What you're forgetting is that the ocean is pretty, nobody goes there during the winter, you're going to stay indoors anyway, and you won't have to actually hang out in Forks at all (except to get groceries and stuff, and we'll personally vouch for the grocery store employees being unnaturally friendly and delightful).This place sleeps twelve, waits until like the third paragraph of its listing to discuss vampires, and only costs $300 a night. That's, like, less than $30 a person. Gather up your werewolf pack and go, already!

If you want to go skiing all day on Christmas without dealing with traffic at the Pass: go to Snoqualmie and stay there. This place sleeps eight, is between North Bend and Snoqualmie, is super close to all the good skiing spots in the Pass, has a killer kitchen, and boasts a master suite that you might actually want to install in your own house (if that was, you know, possible). Even more clutch: it's got two showers. We know, that sounds ridiculous, but have you ever waited for a shower after getting off the mountain? It's freezing. This is an amazing amenity, people. The price tag: $1299 per night.

If you just want to get the heck out of town and go to a place where nobody can find you: head to the San Juans. This place sleeps up to 8, has its own trout pond, and boasts a porch swing. It's also got 12 acres of land going for it, which would be nice if it were to snow and you had a bunch of kids visiting, each of whom demanded their own acre of snow-covered land. (What, that's never happened to you?) Granted, Friday Harbor's sort of tough to get to if the roads are bad (and even worse if the ferry is calling it a day due to rough water), but daily rates start at $200. Trouble is, it's not available till January. Happy Epiphany?

If you want to visit your parents in Oregon but don't want to stay at home: go to Portland. For way less than the cost of a hotel, you can live on the waterfront for a few nights with 4-6 of your closest friends. It's got a fireplace, a balcony, and access to boat storage (you know, just in case). Better yet, it's only like $135 a night during the week. Guys, $135 a night? To not stay with your parents in Beaverton? You're booking it now, right?