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(Pent)house Party!

In case you haven't noticed, it's a veritable top-floor buying bonanza in Seattle! There's a slew of penthouses on the market these days, people! Want views of pretty much any waterway or building or mountain range within a few hundred miles? There's certainly an apartment up for grabs that will satisfy that desire! We've got three of them right here, so take a look and take out your checkbook (or, you know, dare to dream).

To kick things off, let's acknowledge that a grand tour of penthouses wouldn't be complete without a swanky spot in Belltown. Enter this 1,729 sq. ft. 2-bed. It's got a giant private deck with hot tub and a wet bar (we know, we know, could this be any more Belltown?), a killer Space Needle view, and 9-foot ceilings. Not shabby! Want it? You'll have to pony up $1,795,000. · Listing: 2929 1st Avenue PH2 [Estately]

Next up: this fun condo in Pioneer Square. Looks sort of like a bar? Check. Has a cool free-standing Canlis-y fireplace? Yup. Over 1,700 sq. ft.? Yeah, that too. This two-bed is fairly impressive if you're into that downtown cool thing (and, you know, exposed brick). It's also got access to a rooftop deck. Price tag: Just slashed to $918,000. Jump on it! · Listing: 97 South Jackson Street [Estately]

Finally, hop on the water taxi and head to Alki for this pretty little spot with a view. It's a 3,561 sq. ft. three-bed on Harbor Avenue, it's got a private elevator, and it's home to a really pretty view of downtown (from, you know, its private deck). Add to that a gas fireplace and Sub-Zero appliance and you've got yourself a fairly impressive pad. It's going for $1,650,000. · Listing: 1333 Harbor Avenue SW #301 [Estately]