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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of December 12th-16th

Without further ado, your weekly update on the city's favorite falling-apart thoroughfare.
Viaduct status: Nearly entirely intact!
Recent earthquakes: A totally lame 1.3 on the Peninsula yesterday. Boooooo.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: This less than awesome update from WSDOT:

"DRIVER ALERT: Thursday, Dec. 22 – At 5 a.m. Alaskan Way South between South King Street and South Main Street will close until 2016. To keep traffic moving, WSDOT is building a detour that will direct drivers away from Alaskan Way South and onto the roadway underneath the viaduct between South Main and South King streets. The detour opens to traffic at 5 a.m. on Thursday."

Have fun with that one!

Here's the scoop:

· God, we're so into tunnels lately! [ST]
· Milepost 31 is now open in Pioneer Square, drawing visitors to the area now that the Viaduct makes it basically impossible to get to. [STB]
· PubliCola thinks it's not a Boondoggle, either. (We agree. It's definitely not one of these.) [PC]
· This columnist thinks WSDOT is just trying to do Pioneer Square a solid with the museum. We're inclined to sort of agree? [ST]
· Lest we forget, West Seattle just continues to get totally screwed in this situation. [WSB]