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Rent A Villa In Magnolia. No, Seriously, A Villa

Would you take a look at this place? It's a villa! In Magnolia! Last we checked, Magnolia is nowhere near Lake Como, but we'll let it go for the abundance (ABUNDANCE.) of photos of the interior. Want some crazy marble floors? Got it. Paintings of Jesus? Yup. Crazy stonework? Uh huh. Rooftop deck? Sure. Restraint? Not so much! The stats: it's a three-bedroom, four-bath house with 3,500 sq. ft. going for it, killer views of the city, and a "washer/dryer in-unit." (Ha! "In-unit." Priceless.) Interested? Be prepared to write a $7,500 check for it every month, because it's a rental.

· Rental Listing: 3908 West Barrett Street