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The Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (1) Capitol Hill vs. (8) Othello

Welcome to the Curbed Cup, the inaugural edition of Seattle's search for the neighborhood of the year. We're kicking off 8 'hoods vying for the ultimate grand prize: the amazing JPEG trophy below, lovingly engraved in Photoshop with their name and given to the winners to guard until next year. Voting opens now and ends very very early tomorrow morning. Now, let's begin!

Today, our face-off is between the big daddy of all Seattle neighborhoods and one that only recently received 'hood status at all.

First up: Capitol Hill. Come on, guys. Do we really need to explain this one? Not only is this place the stomping ground of CHS, it's also powerful enough to deal with Occupy Seattle in a way Westlake Plaza simply couldn't, it's so talked-about that our sister site has a hard time not mentioning them at least once a day, and it's home to Tavern Law. (Guys, it's so good. Trust us.) Add to that the huge number of apartment complexes being built just east of I-5, and you've got yourself quite a neighborhood.

The challenger: tiny Othello, which is also sometimes called Bryant, which most of us didn't know was a neighborhood until LINK decided to name a station after it and The Station At Othello Park (named after said station... how meta!) opened earlier this summer. Our commenters, however, aren't so fond of the aforementioned complex, which leads us to believe that no matter how many ethnic restaurants dot the neighborhood and no matter how awesome it is to have a train station in your flippin' parking lot, this place still only deserves an 8 seed.

So who's moving on to the final four, dear readers?
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The Station At Othello Park

4219 South Othello Street, Seattle, WA 98118 Visit Website