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Your Viaduct Watch for the Week of November 28th-December 2nd

So how was that commute to Grandma's last weekend sans half of the Viaduct? Lame? Yeah, we know. Maybe now you'll figure out how to take I-5, people! In any case, here's the scoop on your favorite doomed highway.

Viaduct status: In attendance.
Recent earthquakes: Eastern Washington got smashed! And still nothing happened. Sigh.
Annoying shutdowns on the horizon: Very little, besides some lane shutdowns here and there. Is this the calm before the storm? 2012 starts so soon...

And now, all the news:
· Everyone is so confused that the city is opening a center to explain the project. [ST]
· Ways to alleviate the pressure: remove parking spots! Wait, what? [ST]
· Traffic still sucks, even know that Viaductocalypse is sort of over. [WSB]
· Travel + Leisure thinks we're weird because we couldn't decide what to do with the Viaduct. [P-I]
· So, uh, some of it's not reopening till the summer. Fun! [WSB]