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Curbed Cup Elite 8: (3) Ballard vs. (6) Pioneer Square

Today we continue Curbed Cup, the inaugural edition of Seattle's search for the neighborhood of the year. We're kicking off 8 'hoods vying for the ultimate grand prize: the amazing JPEG trophy below, lovingly engraved in Photoshop with their name and given to the winners to guard until next year. Voting opens now and ends very very early tomorrow morning. Now, let's begin!

Today, our face-off is between a neighborhood with vaguely fuzzy borders but bitchin' views of the sunset and what's arguably the oldest neighborhood around (though it's about to get totally screwed over by the Viaduct).

First up: Ballard. It's where a three-bed is, well, pretty pricey, bridges get paint jobs during the holidays, and giant metal roosters in backyards aren't so weird that they don't merit inclusion in a listing photo montage.

The challenger: older-than-dirt (in a great way) Pioneer Square. It's got some new developments coming, its fair share of penthouses, a Viaduct museum, and eventually a streetcar, maybe!

So who moves on?

Poll results

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