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Curbed Awards: The People!

Thought voting was all we had up our sleeves? Think again, buddies. The Curbed Awards also involves totally made-up prizes given to neighborhoods, developments, architects, and people in whatever categories we deem fit. Without further ado, we present to you the people and things that made the news the most this year.

Anonymous people of whom your were most fond: the most inept renters ever to walk the planet, Karen and Ellen. The Karen and Ellen Letters sparked quite a flurry of interest, especially since we originally posted them on a Friday afternoon when we know you guys are out of the office at happy hour instead of in the office killing time by reading this blog. (Yeah, we're watching you.) Perhaps Karen and Ellen are a hot topic of conversation on Capitol Hill or in Belltown? Either way, there's a live reading going down in January.

Person whose apartment caused the biggest commenter fiasco: The foxy one herself, Amanda Knox! Seriously, guys. You all got your feathers ruffled when we suggested Foxy Knoxy could spend her $1000 per month in rent more wisely elsewhere, especially considering her commute to UW everyday now that she's resumed studies. (You were also concerned about whether it is called Chinatown or the International District.) That LINK station at UW isn't going to be ready until 2016, Amanda! Don't you know that there's literally no good way to get to UW from the International District?

Most missed public figure: Eddie the Eagle. Back in August, tragedy befell the entire city when the 520's most beloved public figure was struck by a car while picking at roadkill on the bridge, never to be heard from again. Fare thee well, Eddie. You are truly missed.

Sports heroes most likely to live in huge houses: The Mariners, past and present! Though the real estate at Safeco Field remains some of the cheapest in the city, the Mariners kept buying expensive houses... and selling them (or not).

Poor guy who couldn't get a damn thing right this year: Mayor McGinn. Want to keep the Viaduct? Sorry, guy. Ain't happening. Want the new 520 bridge to be equipped with light rail tracks? Nope, you're done. Want Occupy Seattle to park it in front of your office instead of in Westlake Park? That's just too bad. Mayor McGinn, we salute you. Mostly because you couldn't catch a break the whole dang year.

Safeco Field

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