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Seattle's Inaugural Curbed Cup Is Here And We Need Your Nominations!

As the year 2011 draws to a close, it's time to take care of business -- namely, by determining which neighborhood will take home the gold in Curbed Seattle's inaugural Curbed Cup. Seeing as this is a new event in the Great Northwest and we're still determining what kind of fabulous award the winning 'hood will take home, you get to enjoy this excellently Photoshopped rendering until the contest kicks off. (Wait, what? You can tell it's been Photoshopped?)

The competition will be a bracket-style showdown among the many neighborhoods of Seattle, and we need your nominations. Send us your favorite nabe, along with the reasons it will totally kick every other neighborhood's arse in the competition, to the tipline at Any and all contenders are welcome: want to argue that Amanda Knox is actually getting a steal in the International District? Go for it. Care to explain why Upper Queen Anne totally tops Lower Queen Anne? All you. Think old school 'hoods like Capitol Hill totally pwn all the noobs like Columbia City? Do it. We want to hear your thoughts on which neighborhood was totally winning in 2011, so send us everything and anything.