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Reader Question: Where Can I Find a 1-bed With A Balcony For $1,200 A Month?

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Well darling readers, it's time again to share with us your real estate expertise and genius. We recently received an inquiry from Eben, who's moving to Seattle sometime in the next month and is trying to figure out where to live. He'll be working in Redmond, but being a hip, young, mid-twenties professional, he'd like to live somewhere kind of fun rather than heading over to the Eastside and missing out on all the Pike/Pine craziness.

His list of priorities: guy wants to rent a 1-bedroom apartment, preferably with a balcony, for under $1,200. He'd also be pretty stoked to be near a Microsoft Connector stop, since apparently 520 is going to be all tolled up in a few short weeks.

We know for a fact that this can be done (full disclosure: members of Curbed Seattle's team live in similar rentals. Sorry for stealing your apartment, Eben!), so we're hitting you all up for suggestions. Got ideas? Send them to and we'll give the poor guy your tips and tricks by the end of the week.