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Jeff Nelson Can't Sell His House

Sorry, Jeff Nelson. Your house totally still hasn't sold, and you left the Mariners a bajillion years ago. You've been price chopping that sucker for over a year now and it's dropped a full $400,000 since you originally listed it, and that guy still won't sell. What a bummer, right? Guess karma's sort of a bitch for leaving town and heading back to the Yankees. Who's living on the Street of Dreams now, buddy?

In any case, Nelson's old place is on the market and it doesn't suck. It's a 7,860 sq. ft. 5-bed in Carnation with 4.75 baths, a truly gigantic lot, a pool, sport courts, a gated entry, a fire pit, a home gym, and a friggin' butterfly garden. It was part of the Street of Dreams (R.I.P.) a few years back, but he bought it in 1998. The listing price on all that magic: $2,000,000.

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· Listing: 323 289th Place NE, Carnation [Zillow]

Jeff Nelson's House

323 289th Place NE, Carnation, WA