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Creepalicious But Totally Awesome Rental in Laurelhurst

Wait, did someone just skip town? Because this 4-bed in Laurelhurst is fully furnished and totally looks like a house you'd see on a plain ol' suburban street in any run of the mill slasher movie. Seriously, Steven Spielberg. If you're messing with us here, it's not funny. In any case, this place is up for rent , it's 3,000 sq. ft., and it's got a two-car garage. Yard service is also included, and you get a deck. The listing title doesn't help matters much when it comes to the creepy factor, though. The headline: "JUST BRING YOURSELF." The price tag: $4,500 a month. Fair trade we think, but when steak starts moving on the counter don't come crying to us. · Rental Listing: 4207 43rd Ave NE [Craigslist]