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Into the Arboretum? Check Out This 3-Bed Tree-a-Palooza

Sure, April's Earth Month and everything, but here in Seatown we're always sort of focused on being natural and stuff. If you're a typical PNW native and you're big on greenery, trees, parks, and all that healthy jazz, take a listen: there's a 3-bedroom that's basically next door to the Arboretum on the market, and it looks like it's got some wiggle room. It's listed for $555,000, but even the listing itself advertises the estimated value as anywhere between $447,000 and $520,000 (via Zillow and Homegain, respectively), so you can likely do some talking. It's 1,750 sq. ft. and was built in 1989, so don't expect a ton of stainless steel and granite in the kitchens and bathrooms. And at 3,900 sq. ft., the lot itself makes pretty decent use of the space with a patio and nice looking backyard, so you don't even have to make the three-block trek to the Arboretum if you don't feel like it. · 403 Dewey Place East [Listing]