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That's Hot: Mercer Island's 4137 Boulevard Place

We're all for some subtle real estate porn, but sometimes you just want something obscene and hardcore. Enter the Boulevard Place Estate- it's been jumping on and off the market for a few months now (as $28.8 million houses are wont to do) and it's not. joking. around. Read on for a handy list of its tricked-out features.

· It was designed by Gelotte Hommas and it's apparently inspired by a mix of classical, modern, and Grecian influences. Well then.
· It's 14,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 12 baths. Yeah.
· It has a separate live-in unit about the six-car garage. You know, for the drivers and stuff.
· It comes with 160 feet of private waterfront and boat moorage for a 30-foot speed boat, 75-foot yacht and two jet skis. At the same time.
· It's apparently so nice they named it twice, since it's called Boulevard Place. Worried that will be confusing for the UPS guy? Easily solved: buy UPS.

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