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I'm On a (House)boat And, It's Goin' Fast And...

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Things that are really only appropriate to wear on a boat: swim trunks, flippy floppies, and nautical-themed pashmina afghans. Things that are really only appropriate to wear on solid ground: cement shoes. Which sounds more fun to you? That's what we thought. In honor of our fine city's historical affinity for living on boats, we've scoured the shore/listings for houseboats currently for sale and assembled a list of our favorites. For the best of the best, click ahead (and be respectful to mermaids while aboard, thanks).

First up is this lovely little number at 2764 Westlake Avenue North. Complete with two levels, one bedroom, a den and a walk-in closet, it's a ridiculously cool alternative to leasing a studio somewhere in Belltown. The place was originally listed over a year ago for $365k, but apparently the market for houseboats is kind of slow right now so a series of price chops have left it going for $299,000. Give it a good home, won't you?

· Listing: 2764 Westlake Avenue North Unit D [Redfin]

Colorfully painted and undeniably nautical on the inside, this property at 2401 North Northlake Way doesn't even make an attempt at hiding the fact that you're totally living on a boat. It's got two bedrooms (which are, admittedly, kind of boat-sized) and a pretty bare bones bathroom, but it's also got a sweet view of the city skyline and a rooftop sundeck. It's been on the market for nearly two years and it's listed at $158k, so maybe you can talk them down if they throw in some cool floaties.

· Listing: 2401 N. Northlake Way Unit A [Redfin]

Now this is what we're talking about. This monstrous boat is located at 2143 North Northlake Way, and she's a beauty. It's got two beds, two baths, and cool details like a spiral staircase, cook's kitchen, Subzero fridge, and fully renovated bathrooms. Best of all, it's got a hugely adorable asset none of the other boats have: baby ducks. Seriously people, try telling us this isn't worth $349,000.

· Listing 2143 N. Northlake Way #63 [Redfin]