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Grab a Slice of New England in Madison Park for $1.74m

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Remember all those summers at the Cape chowing down on lobster, sipping mimosas all morning, donning your boyfriend's Nantucket reds and wearing through your Topsiders on the boardwalk after a night at the club? No? Neither do we -- though we've spent quite a few chilly afternoons donning a Northface at Shilshole wondering why on earth we were getting on a sailboat in the middle of April. No matter, though; this lovely 3-bed in Madison Park lets us concoct the WASP-y childhood of our dreams, right down to the New England style exterior and top-of-the-line kitchen (for the cook of course, Muffy). It's got two fireplaces, French doors, lots of light, and a pretty nice backyard to boot.The downside? There's only room for one car in the garage, so there might be some harsh words exchanged over whose Cayenne gets to live indoors that night. The cost of all this high-end living? A cool $1,735,000. · Listing: 2052 41st Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112 [Windermere Mount Baker]